Retail / Hospitality Solutions

Insurance claims represent an immediate risk to our hospitality sector. In addition to standard sector Health & Safety Services below, BeSafe can empower your business to tackle the challenges posed by public interaction at each level within your business.


Food Safety

Food Safety Plans
HACCP Procedures
Risk Assessment

Front of House

Signage, wayfinding, emergency planning, cleaning management, slips and falls

Back of House

Training, Risk Assessment, ongoing advice and audit, QMS, wellbeing & above services

Safety Review

An in depth safety review of all areas of your business with safety statement and recommended actions

While Covid-19 represents the most current hazard to the industry, negotiating the minefield of Health & Safety in the Hotel / Bar / Retail / Restaurant areas is daunting for many. Our team of experienced hospitality experts are at hand to lead your business towards compliance. Are you prepared as best as is reasonably practicable? Are you aware of your legislative requirements in terms of Health & Safety?

Common Back of House Issues

To take just one aspect of your business, "back of house", the industry is vast in its potential hazards and the controls required. BeSafe can assist you with all of these and more through our comprehensive safety packages tailored to your business. Contact us today to discuss our availability. 

" BeSafe didn't just put our procedures and policies in place, they trained our supervisors in how to maintain them. Our premises is safer and we as owners are more confident in how we treat our staff and customers"